You will be billed for those reference entries that

  • Edifix has both parsed and restructured, whether or not they are linked (usually entries for journal articles, book chapters, books, and some types of government reports)
  • Edifix has parsed (fully or partially) and linked on PubMed or Crossref, even if they are not restructured (e.g., entries for conference papers)
  • Edifix has parsed in No Format mode
Entry TypeParsed?
Journal articleYesYesProbablyYes
Book chapterYesYesIf possibleYes
BookYesYesIf possibleYes
Conference paperYesNoIf possibleMaybe
Working paperMaybeNoIf possibleNo

That’s why, in the summary report on the Edifix results screen, the number of references parsed will not always equal the number of billable references.

What about references with an author-supplied DOI?

  • If Edifix can revalidate the DOI, whether or not the reference can be fully parsed, the reference is shown in black, the DOI is hyperlinked, and the reference is billable.
  • If Edifix cannot validate the DOI and the reference was not fully parsed, the reference is shown in grey, the DOI is not hyperlinked, and the reference is not billable.