When you select the (No Format) option before Edifixing your references, Edifix does not make any changes to the content of the references you submit. This means that when you select PubMed and/or Crossref Correction and Linking, Edifix is limited to linking your references without making any corrections. If you want Edifix to link and correct your references without restructuring them, we recommend selecting the RIS editorial style.

If you selected another editorial style, then the most likely explanation is that the articles and/or books listed in your references are not indexed on PubMed or Crossref, and therefore Edifix is unable to make any corrections. 

If you know that a source on your list should be indexed on PubMed or Crossref, but no links or corrections were made, then it's likely that the PubMed and/or Crossref servers were unavailable when you submitted your references. If this is the case, Edifix will provide a warning message indicating the server downtime, and your references will not be deducted from your reference allowance.