Choosing No Format from Edifix's list of editorial styles allows you to obtain PubMed and/or Crossref links without restructuring your references. This option is useful if your primary goal is to create granular XML of reference lists with (or without) links, while not altering the original content or order of elements in the original references.

Note: When No Format is selected, PubMed or Crossref Linking and Data Correction is limited to linking only. Edifix will not make any additional changes or corrections to your references.

Here are a couple of examples where the No Format style is the perfect solution:

  • A publisher has references at the post-publication stage and wants to use Edifix to enhance those references with PubMed and Crossref links while not altering the content of the references. The publisher selects the No Format style with PubMed and Crossref Linking and Data Correction. The No Format style allows DOIs and PMIDs to be inserted while preventing Edifix from making any other data changes.

  •  A supplier wants to create JATS XML of references without altering the content. XML creation can be done with or without adding links. The supplier selects the No Format style and then exports the results to JATS XML.