As a service provider, you have customers who count on you to deliver accurate, consistent work, on time and on budget. By automating time-consuming repetitive tasks such as

  • correcting punctuation,
  • correcting the order of elements in reference entries, and
  • flagging duplicate reference entries,

Edifix helps you turn around customer projects more quickly, with no loss of accuracy. And by using our patented fuzzy matching algorithms to

  • find and insert PMID and DOI links,
  • correct or flag mismatches between author-supplied entries and PubMed or Crossref metadata, and
  • flagging retracted or corrected articles,

Edifix helps you deliver richer, more accurate reference lists—while giving your editors more time to focus on human-scale issues in the text.

Edifix also allows you to produce valid, consistent, and accurate JATS XML for the reference lists you process, helping to meet your customers’ need for high-quality full-text XML—the industry standard for journal publishing—for their online publications.

There’s a flexible, affordable Edifix subscription plan for every scale of operation. Read more about our Enterprise plans or contact us for a quote today! Our friendly, knowledgeable support team is here for you.